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A note from Kay, Founder & CEO ❤

Posted on 12 January 2017

Wait.. Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy as this is a lengthy piece but I promised I would let you in on the most requested info and I doubt I will ever write another post this long again!!


 My Journey

At the age of 18, I already knew I chose a road my heart wasn't in when I selected "Business Law & Management" as a degree. I had NO idea what course I wanted to do but I knew it had to be respected and be able to make a lot of money. My mother is a Lawyer & my brother’s father is also a Lawyer... This made the choice slightly easier at the time so I decided to make an ignorant decision and choose Law too.

In my 3rd year, I fell sick and it hit me that I may not be graduating with my friends. I tried my hardest to complete the dissertation whilst going through a medical madness but my body refused to let this be. Thinking of the disappointment I would have caused my mother, I broke down.

 After a lot of reflection and self pity, I thought "F it!! This is my life, my journey & I have to do what is best for ME!". I graduated a year later but shortly after, I found myself falling into depression as I was yet again at another crossroad. Law School was around £20k (-_-) for the GDL & LPC, hundreds of law job forms were filled out with no response. Training contracts... dead! This resulted in me applying for basic, everyday roles.

My last full-time job before creating Gold Getter was at William Hill Bookmakers. Besides the people I met during my time here, it was the most depressing, eye/opening experience I've had in my entire work life and I've been working since I was 17, lol! A Law graduate stuck behind a glass protector taking bets all day and sweeping floors was NOT the road for an ambitious girl like myself. WTF happened?! This wasn't the life I dreamt of as a kid.. where did I go wrong?



After literally crying, on my knees to God asking him to guide me, to give me clarity and direction, I decided to quit my job that month. I had no income but I was HAPPIER💡

This was my first step into realising that money did not necessarily equal happiness but as Zig Ziglar would say:


 "Money won't make you happy, but everyone wants to find out for themselves."


Months later, I had a talk with my best friend and she was also down due to lack of money. I believe I had £50 in my account and she had slightly more but I would never forget the words I told her:


"ENJOY THESE BROKE MOMENTS Homez, cos success and happiness is coming. We will not be broke forever so appreciate whatever hustle or struggle you are going through now!"


We reflected on our childhood... Growing up in Hackney, East London, we learnt to hustle from a young age. Whether it was plaiting hair in school for £5 each, spray painting jackets or selling sweets and chocolate - we were about that life! Nothing was handed to you, you had to go and get it.

We laughed about our current situation & fuelled up each other with hope. So sure of my abilities and future I would tweet and write Facebook posts about my struggle in order to comfort others in the same position as I was; so irritated by those who would only post or rap about their "struggle period" once they had finally made a lot of money.

I can't express how important it is to EMBRACE YOUR STRUGGLE the same way you embrace and publicise the success.

True inspiration comes from REALITY. This is my truth.


The Beginning of Gold Getter

I remember being hella bored so I decided to lurk on the 'Gram. My friend liked a post of neon phone cases and I don’t know what happened but I swear to you a lightbulb went off in my head💡 (…me & these damn lightbulbs!)  I took a screenshot of the picture and went off into research land. Day and night I searched for this product and after 3 or 4 days, I found the suppliers!!!

Staring at the screen, I contemplated for hooouuurs on whether or not I should "waste" £50 on buying these cases and trying to sell them at a profit. Looking back now, that decision to INVEST is what changed my life today 🙌

Ladies, I'm going to give you tough love here..




Yes, it is a risk and you may lose money but then you try again and again and again! Be persistent. Gold Getter’s don’t quit!!! There are a lot of things I tried before this that never worked out but I kept on going and finally something paid off.

Lil-ol-me turned that £50 into a 6-figure business.

You can only imagine how OBSESSED I became with the hustle. Sleep was a thing of the past but I wanted to succeed soooo much that I would literally work all day long. I remember being in hospital from dehydration. I brought out my workbook and laptop eager to catch up on work and the nurse gave me the craziest look. She probably thought I belonged in the psychiatric ward because clearly my body was out of order but mentally I thought I could keep going!

I would literally faint or have intense anxiety attacks but God blessed me with amazing people and there was ALWAYS someone that had my back. My mum told me this was a sign that I needed more structure so it was time to grow the team the way I knew how... no business plan, just a lot of common sense and a lot of reading.

I needed pictures for the website. Now... for those who knew me personally, they would know despite anything I was that girl who liked nice things but I had to put my pride aside for my business and do what I could afford at the time.

Don't let that be the reason why you haven't started your business.. "Oh I need a killer website", "I'm such a perfectionist, I can't have any less than..". That's all cute and stuff but if you cannot financially afford it at that time, you'll never start your dream.


    Be smart. Humble yourself. Start with what you can.


      As things progress, you'll be able to afford the website you want or that HQ photo shoot. Speaking of shoots, GG's first one was in my uncles living room. I called on 2 mates that I will forever be grateful for and got them to do typical prom poses against the wall... Lawwwwd! 😂

      It was super low budget but we made it WORK. Now it's time to make it work for you.



      It saddens me that SO many of us have so much to offer the world but we often get lost in the fear, lack of support and all that other negative BS.

      I'm always asked "How do you stay motivated all the time?" and the truth is... I DON'T!

      There are days I feel like doing absolutely nothing but laying in bed with some Salt & Pepper squid and an Oreo Krushem spiked with Baileys. Then there are other days where I work from 8:am 'til 3:am.



      Your self-discipline needs to be super on flizzy if you want the entrepreneur title because YOU CAN'T CHEAT THE HUSTLE.

      The first step was training my brain. I had to erase what I had been taught all my life via institutions and family traditions etc. and really search for true knowledge. 

      At the top of my journey tree I have a 'HAPPINESS' ornament as that represents my end goal and below I have noted a few things that go around the tree that personally keep me inspired and motivated throughout my journey to the top.


      Kay’s Tips:

      •  Write down your goals and ideas – this is more powerful than you think.
        •  Read inspirational books such as, 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki, 'Why Not Me?' by Mindy Kaling, 'Over the Top' by Zig Ziglar and '#GIRLBOSS' by Sophia Amoruso (there are many more but these are a few I really enjoyed).
          •  Search YouTube for inspirational success stories. My faves are those who started with nothing and have now gained substantial wealth. I love watching '10 top rules for success' by Evan Carmichael.
            •  Attend networking events in your field and meet people with the same visions and interests as you. (My weak point but I’ve promised myself to attend more this year)
              •  Follow inspirational pages such as @ThinkGrowProsper @getyob @forbes
                •  Surround yourself with positive, supportive, like-minded people. It is so easy to be discouraged by people who do not get your vision but can you blame them? They don't see through the same lens as you and sometimes the truth is they honestly don't see that success happening for themselves so how can they see it for you? Think about it.
                  •  If you are religious PRAY & give thanks all day. Thank God in advance, thank him for all the blessings & lessons.

                    All of these things done collectively will automatically put you in a different mindset. You will become more self aware, more passionate, more focused. You are no longer waiting for the world to tell you what you can and cannot do.




                     ANYTHING GOOD, YOU CAN DO IT!!!


                    There is honestly so much I want to share with you guys but all in due time - pinky swear! Just know that I am simply like the majority of my supporters; no connections in this industry and no financial backing but I had the BALLS & the FAITH to take that leap and I made it work. If I can do it, so can you!

                    Join our Snapchat family (@GOLDGETTER101), we love to have little discussions about life and business. I currently respond to every single advice question on there so don’t be shy and get in touch .

                    Also, stay motivated and inspired by signing up to our newsletter as we will be sending out invites and information on our 2017 meet ups and events!!!



                    Thank you all for your continuous support. Words cannot explain how much I appreciate you all and I promise to give back in major ways this year!!!!

                    😘 Mwah!!!


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